is a survey tool for creative artists to get detailed feedback on their artwork.


Workout Manager

is an online workout tracker for the hardcore stats and progress driven types.

Sara Elin

is a very talented young photographer that wanted a website with an emphasis on the photos.

The Starcrafter

is a unit reference web app for king of all games.


is a photographer community to help photographers be the best they can be.


Hi, I'm Hampus and I'm a freelancing "web guy" currently residing in Auckland New Zealand.

I've been designing and building for the web since I was very young and has always found the experience extremely rewarding - which is why I decided to do it for a living. As a designer I love simple, tightly integrated products with a high level of attention to detail. My expertise is taking an idea from its early stages, iterating and developing it through all phases of web development to create a final product.


My skill set is developed in every aspect of web development from concept development to design to programming. Which comes from many years of experience in iterating through every part of building a website, community or web application. I also think I'm quite a good communicator (a skill I developed by much trial and error) which I see as an integral part of any project - making the customer or client understand and be comfortable in every stage of the development.


I get very excited with new ideas. And developing those ideas through all of its phases is what I excel at. It's the idea of that final product that’s been affected by the efforts of all parties involved that really motivates me, especially if its new and innovating.

I also spend a great deal of time investigating productivity methods, I just love life hacking in general and I believe there is a sense of that in the best products I've made - all created to help people achieve their goals easier, whether it be workout management, photography or note taking.

Don't hesitate to contact me in any of the ways listed below if you like my work, I'm here to make ideas into great products.

Take care,

Hampus Ahlgren

More specifically.

If you're interested in more detail about what things I've been doing over the years you can download my resume right here, and have a look.

Lets talk.

Do you have an idea, some questions about my work or just want to talk about web design in general - throw me an email, I'd love to hear from you.

Find me.

If you feel you'd want to stake me out before having a chat, there are a few places I've been known to frequent. Google plus and Twitter is where I spend most of my "social" time so those would be great places to start. I also hang in Skype about 50% of the day, if you are the kind who prefers more direct contact. Anyway the point it is - no matter how you'd want to get a hold of me, there is an option.